Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pesto Chicken Pasta

It was supposed to be fajita night last night but I didn't have sour cream. Ack! I can't do mexican without sour cream! So I switched to chicken and pasta. Generally we sautee the chicken and throw it on pasta and peas with white sauce from the jar. But I really do hate that white sauce in a jar... I always think I'll like it, but I don't! I generally can thin it out with some milk but it's still always too rich and flavorless at the same time - if that makes sense. And making the pesto sauce from the dry package takes another pot I have to watch. The taste doesn't see to match the work load involved. So I went in a new direction.

Pesto Chicken Pasta

start your penne pasta first
add frozen peas half way through cooking your pasta
(just throw them in the water)

heat your oil (thinly coat the entire bottom of the pan)
add chopped bacon pieces (give them a minute head start)
add your chicken pieces
add a handful of sliced up artichoke hearts
add onion powder & garlic to season
add 1/2 a package of Knorr Pesto Sauce Mix
(add dry, do not make into a sauce)
keep cooking all this together until the chicken is done - use more oil if things get dry

drain the pasta and peas but keep 1/4 cup of the starchy cooking water
add that cooking water back in
plus 2 tsp of butter
plus your yummy chicken and pesto sautee
top with cheese!

It's a very normal and easy recipe. I think you'll like it!
Sorry I'm not very technical in my recipes. I can't measure like I've said before! My friends sometimes call to clarify. Feel free to comment here if needed!


  1. haha, I love your cooking philosophy! You're just like my husband! This sounds great and I love pesto!

  2. let me get this straight: you had no sour cream, so you invented something with the bacon and artichokes you had lying around?

    sounds awesome, though. might have to see if i can turn it into something Josh will eat...