Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oven Chicken and Veggies

I'm on a roll just making stuff up so I tried again.... and it worked... AGAIN!

I usually make casseroles when I bake dinner which means I brown the beef...and then cook a casserole. Or I boil some chicken...and then cook a casserole. They are really good dinners but I'm feeling gipped. I want to put everything in the oven and be done. This took 10 minutes prep, 45 in the oven.

I added Risotto on the side for dinner (my first attempt - totally out of a box) that took 20 minutes of babysitting - so omit that and go for this Oven Chicken and Veggies and a piece of bread.

Bake 45 minutes or so at 350*
Raw chicken breast to feed the family and season with:
- squeeze lemon from the plastic fruit (4 tbsp-ish)
- cumin
- salt and pepper
- dry stuffing mix

Cut in medium to large cubes (pick your favorite 4)
Tomatoes (my garden gave me another harvest)
Sweet potatoes
season/toss with:
- salt and pepper
- cumin
- cinnamon
- grape seed oil (enough to get everyone wet)

I figured chicken and veggies could live together in the a pan so the oil and chicken-dripping juices are shared but don't put the chicken on the veggies or they get too done and squishy. Cover with foil.

Half way thru cooking I sprinkled the chicken with two crushed handfuls of dry Stove Top Stuffing. Flip the chicken and sprinkle again with two more handfuls. Put it back in the oven to finish cooking with foil on top. I give the final 5 minutes without foil in the oven.

Pretty easy don't you think?! The apples turned into a little mini dessert in the dinner! That was fun! that what Stove Top is for?? Well I guess it's for stuffing (duh) but I use the recipe on the back of the box for a good chicken casserole. It has had that job alone for three years in my home. Maybe they figured you'd sprinkle it on chicken? I'm not really sure.

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