Thursday, October 20, 2011

Veggie Spaghetti

Having this blog is pushing me past sharing what I do in the kitchen to trying new things! A friend let me borrow Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook - you know sneaking vegetable purees in your kids food and.... surprise, surprise.... I didn't follow the recipe. Problem number 1: I don't have a food processor. GASP! I know. I'm admitting another thing. I have a food blog and I don't own a food processor. I do own the mini chopper from Tupperware so hopefully that helps your view of me.

So anyway, to get around this problem, I'm going to use my blender again! Here's what I did:

half a head of cauliflower
half a blender of Prego sauce
half a red pepper

But I gotta be honest, the pepper flavor wasn't my favorite. The Cauliflower on the other hand was completely hidden. And G boy (age 5) ate 2 bowls. He NEVER eats two bowls of anything! I'm probably most proud of my picture with the parsley flakes on top. I picked up four spice bottles, including the parsley, at Wal-Mart for $.50 each!

And I learned a new tip from my mom after talking about this recipe. Did you know you can freeze green and red peppers? She says you can! So I used half and sent the other cleaned half to the freezer. I'm not going to tell you to freeze everything (like my mom would) because I have about two shoe boxes of room in my tiny fridge/freezer but I do have the money and the freezer space for half a pepper.

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